Petition against Red-light Cameras

Many communities across the state are using an unfair, unsafe and unwanted traffic enforcement camera system. These municipalities installed red light and speed cameras under the pretense of public safety. Traffic enforcement cameras have been proven to be nothing more than revenue generators in most cases; a way for cities and towns to raise money on the backs of taxpayers., as well as increase their surveillance.

Now, the Providence City Council plans to almost double the amount of red-light cameras in the city of Providence.

We are calling for the removal and a permanent ban on traffic enforcement cameras in Rhode Island, which to date have taken millions and millions from hardworking taxpayers.  Sign and share if you agree!

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Thomas Browning
Stefan Cox
Jonathan Keith
Dan Elliott
Luis Vargas
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  • Wayne Diel
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    Sign the petition: Get rid of Red-light Cameras!
  • Thomas Browning
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  • Stefan Cox
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  • Jonathan Keith
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    Sign the petition: Get rid of Red-light Cameras!
  • Jonathan Keith
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  • Dan Elliott
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