Liberty can win in Rhode Island


There has been a wave of conservative success across the nation. As highlighted by Red Alert Politics, the GOP controls the vast majority of state legislative seats, thirty-three governorships, the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and of course, the Presidency. Ironically, though, that wave has yet to hit the Ocean State. The Democratic Party in Rhode Island has a supermajority in both chambers of the General Assembly and control of every state office, including the governorship.

 So the question is: How can we succeed as conservatives in the Ocean State?

The answer: By taking on the principles of liberty, by supporting a free market economy, and by rallying around good government issues. Not only are those propositions wildly popular with the electorate, but they are also the proper foundation for any and all successful legislation: Does this legislation protect the public’s liberty or limit it? Does this legislation make government operate better or in a more ethical manner, or doesn’t it? Does this hurt or help promote a competitive free market economy? These are the questions we must ask ourselves when we decide what is going to define our campaigns.

 Liberty can win in Rhode Island!

Recent reports show that criminal justice reform, which can save our state millions of dollars each year in spending, is wildly popular among both conservatives and liberals. The line item veto is supported by three of every four Rhode Islanders, and half half of Rhode Islanders oppose putting tolls on our highways. These are public policy positions rooted in liberty, and one that the all conservative candidates must embrace if they want to stop the far-left agenda creeping into the Rhode Island General Assembly one session (or concession by the speaker in return for progressive votes) at a time.


In Rhode Island, what has often inhibited us from flipping seats is a lack of investment and focus on quality candidates and candidate training. The RIRLC is here to change that. We will invest in those who espouse the principles of liberty and train anyone willing to step up and do the work necessary to change the status quo at the Statehouse and reinvigorate our beautiful state’s economy.

Luis Vargas is a former candidate for State Representative in District 12, and an at-large RIRLC Executive Board Member.

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